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Commands Training

While training your dog, it's important to spend time teaching your dog certain actions. These are called "cues" or "commands." There are several basic dog training commands that every dog should know. These cues can help you keep your dog under control and give your dog a sense of structure and order.

Obedience Training

In the early weeks of bringing home a new puppy, many owners are overwhelmed. There are supplies to shop for, appointments to make, and lots of training to be done. Setting up the right behaviors and expectations during puppyhood is essential, and it starts with puppy obedience training classes.

Boarding & Training

The dog is kept in the trainer's home, this means the boarding is cage-less. Your pup will learn the basics of indoor living such as not surfing counters, house training and respecting invisible boundaries. In the meanwhile, the dog can be taught commands, behavior modification and put on an exercise program with daily walks.


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Meet & Greet
Introductory Lesson
Private Lessons
Boarding available!
Obedience Package
Includes six private lessons
Boarding and Training
Interact, exercise, feed!

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who Will Train Your Dog?

"As an international dog trainer and cynologist, I have dedicated my career to working with dogs and their owners."


Owner / Trainer

Here are some numbers that highlight my dedication to dog training:

  • 10+ dog show winners
  • 20,000+ hours of behavior training
  • 60,000+ hours of obedience training
  • 5000+ hours of agility training
  • Over 1,000,000 dogs have heard me say "Good boy/girl!"
  • I have dedicated my career to working with dogs and their owners. I am passionate about what I do, and believe that every dog can benefit from proper training and care.

    My journey with dogs began in 2010 when I started my own kennel and began breeding Caucasian Shepherd dogs. This breed is not easy to handle without proper training, so I started attending dog shows, agility training, and tests with my dogs. It was a long and interesting journey. As a result, all of my dogs became National champions and earned the BOB title etc.

    As a breeder of Caucasian Shepherd dogs, I have successfully raised and trained over 100 puppies under my kennel name, all of which have passed the Canine Temperament Test (CTA) which very uncommon for this breed. With over 15 years of experience, I have trained over 200 breeds of dogs (In the United States alone, the AKC's dog breed list currently includes 190 dog breeds. Worldwide, the FCI lists 360 officially recognized breeds) My expertise lies in behavior training, obedience training, correction of aggression, anxiety issues, socialization programs, and training for shelter dogs with trust issues. I am proud to have helped countless dogs and their owners to build a stronger bond and achieve their training goals.

    I believe that every dog is unique and deserves an individualized training program that takes into account their personality, behavior, and needs. My training methods are based on positive reinforcement, using praise and treats to encourage desired behavior rather than punishment for undesirable behavior. I believe in building a strong bond between the dog and their owner through clear communication, mutual respect, and trust. My goal is not only to train the dog but also to educate the owner on how to maintain and reinforce the training in their daily interactions with their furry companion. With patience, consistency, and love, I believe that any dog can learn and become a well-behaved member of the family. I would love to help you and your furry friend on your journey towards a happier, healthier life together. Whether you need help with obedience training, behavior modification, or just some advice on choosing the right breed, I am here to help. Contact me today to schedule your first intro lesson or a consultation!

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